Welcome to the Website dedicated to
Arunachala & Bhagavan
Sri Ramana Maharshi
Welcome to the Website dedicated to
Arunachala & Bhagavan
Sri Ramana Maharshi


What's New - Updated March 2014


The Arunachala Ramana forum was first established in 2006 and now has over 47,000 posts on everything to do with the teachings of Bhagavan and other great sages.

Everyone is free to join, but automatic registration has been disabled due to the scourge of spamming. If you wish to join then please send me an email via the contact link below and I will register you.


Photograph display methods

Cooliris slideshow and gallery format

The Cooliris slideshow is a 3D Wall which loads all of the available thumbnail photographs onto a single wall, permitting the user to drag/zoom the wall to quickly find the photo they want.

Clicking on any image brings up the full-size version, with further links to a high-resolution/print version on the photo's own webpage.
Split page format

This format uses frames to display the photographs. Ideal for slow connections.


The Arunachala photos

Currently 175 photographs have been added to the Arunachala Photos section of this site. Both methods (listed above) of viewing the photographs are available. You can also download a high-resolution 8 x 12 inch version from each page.

The Restored Photographs of Bhagavan

The complete set of Restored Photographs have been included on this site. You can view them using both methods listed above.


Other pages:

March 2014 - This site is in the process of complete re-coding to facilitate the widespread use of mobile equipment. Currently 14% of our visitors use mobile devices and no doubt this number will grow as time passes.

As it stands at the moment, the majority of pages will work fine with mobile devices, resizing to fit almost all phones and pads, but it is not fully touch-screen compliant and the links on most of the pages can prove difficult to negotiate on smaller phones.

Pages will be replaced as soon as they are ready and I hope that this work will take less than a couple of months to complete, so please bear with us.

I hope that I have made the site easier to access and improved the visibility of the pages for those with low-end screens and poor connection speeds. People with IE browser versions prior to 5.5 or 6.0 might have difficulty in loading the pages properly because of the lack of support for CSS. They should consider installing at least version 10.0. This site is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The 'Book Lists' pages list all of the books available on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

I have added a link to a Tiruvannamalai charity supported by this site. This charity is genuine and does excellent work. The appeal is for direct contribution by those devotees who feel inclined to help.

Books to download

A selection of free e-books are available through either the publications page or the downloads page of this site, including a number of books in French, German and Magyar in PDF format. Four books in German, Italian, Spanish, Serbo-croat and English are available in HTML format. We hope that other languages will follow.