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The Restored photos - Gallery 1

This gallery contains thumbnail images of 67 photographs of Bhagavan from the Restored Photographs collection. Each image links to a page containing both the full and close-up versions of each photo (where applicable).

In the coming months we hope to replace all of these and many more with far better versions, captured using a new method which overcomes many of the problems associated with scanning, including the removal of scratches and other defects without the need for manual intervention, thereby preserving the entire original content as it was on the day the photograph was taken.

There are two methods of viewing the full-size photographs shown on this page. The first opens separate pages for each photograph, the second is the Cooliris 3D Wall (Flash plugin required for this).

Method 1:
Click on any photograph below to open the full-size image (suitable for dial-up connections)

Method 2:
Click HERE to see all of the photos using the 'Cooliris 3D Wall' shown below (recommended)

Please note: The smaller photographs are all in medium-quality JPG format for fast display and thereby lose some of the colour vibrance. The full resolution versions are not subject to this limitation. See the foot of this page for copyright information.

Copyright information:

All of the photographs of Arunachala, etc. on this site are the copyright of the photographer. You can download the photographs for your own personal use for viewing purposes only. You are not permitted to use them in any publication or for commercial gain without express permission in writing from the owner.

If you want your own high-quality photographs of Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai to be included on this site under the same conditions, then please contact us and we will be happy to include them.